I always loved to create in all fields of art, and jewelry is the only area that has fit me perfectly. My sources of inspiration are diverse. The process of creation can start from a sketch, a vague idea, or the choice of a stone. Then I draw one or more sketches, which I can put in colors. The work of the precious metal comes then: rolling, stretching,

Embossing, milling, welding, engraving, crimping, polishing ... Many hours are needed to produce a jewel that I can be satisfied with.

I only work on quality materials, everything is done to my hands without melting in Paris.

Silver 925/100 Ruby and white sapphire ring by BijouxVitalis

195.00 EUR

Ring 925 sterling silver and Tsavorite by BijouxVitalis

115.00 EUR

Mathias Vitalis

Je suis créateur en Bijouterie Joaillerie, et vous présente ici mes réalisations. J'espère qu'elles vous plaieront...